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Raida has arrived, the perfect bike for delivery

Comfortable bike with high range battery and free maintenance

from €118 per month


With Raida you will have your perfect partner for your home deliveries



Choose Your Plan

Choose the plan that better suits your necessities.



Pick up in 48 hours

Your Raida will be ready to pick up in our offices in less than 48h.

Carrer de Paraguai 11, 08020, Barcelona.



Problems with your Raida?

Send us a WhatsApp and we will repair it at our office with this link.

Lista de espera

Dada la alta demanda, no tenemos bicis en este momento. Pero puedes dejar tu mail aquí y te avisaremos a la brevedad.

Thanks for submitting!

¿Tienes dudas?

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HORARIO MAÑANA: 10:00 a 13:00h

HORARIO TARDE: 14:00 a 15:30h

Technical Specifications

Ideal for daily deliveries

+75 Km

Up to +75Km battery range. It also includes a turbo option to start the bike without pedaling.

50 kg

Up to 50Kg load in the rear rack, so you can reduce the weight on your back.

Comfortable seat

Perfect for long distance rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? Let's solve them

  • How do I rent the Raida service?
    Choose our subscription service through our website. Choose between the Raida Basic or Raida Plus plan and choose the duration you want (monthly plan or six-month plan). Then you can add accessories like our anti-theft guarantee or an extra battery. After you have subscribed, the option to book an appointment to pick up your Raida at our facilities will appear.
  • What is included in my monthly rent? 
    Your monthly rental includes your bicycle, the rear rack to support your delivery backpack, a phoneholder, a lock to tie your bicycle, a charger to charge your bicycle battery and our maintenance service. We repair your bicycle in case of incidents within 24 (Raida Plus Plan) or 48 hours (Raida Basic Plan). If we can't fix your bike, we'll exchange it for a new one.
  • Can I add anti-theft insurance?
    Yes, you can include anti-theft insurance in your rental. After you have chosen your plan and the duration you want, the option to add your anti-theft insurance will appear at checkout. The price of the anti-theft insurance is €9 per month. The anti-theft insurance applies to your bike but excludes your bike's battery.
  • Where do I pick up my bike?
    After you have subscribed, you can book the appointment to pick up your Raida. Your bike will be ready 48 hours after you have registered. You pick up your bike at our facilities at Carrer Paraguai 11, 08020 Barcelona.
  • How do I cancel my rental with Raida?
    You can cancel your Raida plan by contacting our customer service via Whatsapp Business +34 698 93 31 24. In our monthly plan you have no commitment and you can cancel your plan whenever you want; If you return your bike before your monthly plan renews, you will not be charged further. Remember that in our six-month plan you have a 6-month commitment that counts from the date you start your rental with Raida.
  • How long does the bike's battery last?
    The battery range depends on several factors and especially on the weight you usually carry on your bike (your body weight as well as the weight of the goods you transport), the assistance mode you choose and the number of hills you have on your trip. The range of our battery is approximately between 55 and 88 kilometers per full charge. Remember that if you do more kilometers, you can always rent an additional battery to never run out of electric assistance!
  • Can I rent an additional battery?
    Yes, you can rent an additional battery to double your electrical assistance distance. The price for an additional battery is €45 per month and you can add it to your plan after checkout when you book the appointment to pick up your bike.
  • What do I do when my bicycle has a problem or an incident?
    Your monthly rental includes maintenance in case of incidents or problems with your bicycle. You can just fill out this form and come to the office the day of the appointment you selected
  • Where and how do I park my bike? 
    Your bike comes with a lock that is used to lock your bike to an official bike rack (U-shaped). We recommend that you always tie your bike to a U-shaped parking lot. It is not allowed to park your bike to trees or any traffic sign.
  • What happens if my bike and battery are stolen?
    In case you have an anti-theft insurance contracted with us, we need the report of the theft from the police, stating that you have tied your bicycle correctly (with the padlock that you receive with your rental and tied to an official bike parking in the correct way). In this case you will only pay an excess of €150 and you will receive your new bicycle within 48 hours (after receiving the theft report). In case you do not have an anti-theft insurance contracted with us, you will be charged the entire amount of the rented bicycle, which is €1,400 (VAT included). The same amount applies in case you have contracted anti-theft insurance but you have not tied your bicycle correctly (you can see the instructions on how to park your bicycle in the section 'where and how do I park my bicycle'). If your battery has been lost or stolen, we will charge you the amount for the entire battery, which is €500 (VAT included). Remember that your battery is not included in your anti-theft insurance, so make sure you take it with you whenever you leave your bike parked.
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